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As a child of the 70's, Tom's love affair with music began while Motown, Disco, and Classic Rock were dominating the air waves, imprinting his young ears with sweet tones and melodies.


A few years later, when Hip Hop first emerged, Tom began tinkering with his dual cassette recorder/boombox to create his own mixes and songs. He'd record the latest songs off the radio and then overdub his own rap vocals. Using headphones as a microphone, he plugged into the mic input and thus began his musical and engineering career at the tender age of 8.


These innocent beginnings led Tom on a long musical journey which continues today.  After cutting his teeth as a guitarist in the 90's in Syracuse, NY, Tom made his way to NYC in the mid 2000's.  He began interning under Grammy Award winning producer and engineer, Nic Hard at Joshua Kessler's incredible Bushwick Studios.  After learning from the best he opened Mang Studios shortly thereafter.

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